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Mixed Pie box

Price:  £ 20.00  Availability: 1 in stock
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Rating: 10 This Pie Box is excellent value for money, the Steak Pies are full and the Steak & Sausage Pies are nice and succulent. My biggest surprise was the Chicken Pie, we don't normally like Chicken Pie but I cooked two this weekend and can safely say that it was a family success enjoyed by everyone, there was plenty of gravy BUT more to the point PLENTY of nice moist fresh chicken - not the processed stuff you get in other pies. I will be buying these pie boxes again and ordering a couple of extra chicken ones.

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PIE BOX consists of:
Steak pie 700g - serves 3
2 Sausage and Steak 700g - serves 3

Classic Pie 1 kilo - serves 4


(Please Note: for Ingredients and Nutritional Information please see individual products.)



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