Gordon Allan - How I Cook My Steaks




(I realise not for the purists but this is how I do it!)

Recipe Information

Ingredients you will need


Olive Oil

Small Chopped Onion

Beef Stock Cube

Base Sauce

1 teaspoon French Mustard

1 teaspoon Dijon Mustard

Dash Worcester Sauce

3 tablespoons of Double Cream

Knob of Butter

 Red Wine Sauce 

1 Red Onion

Beef Stock Cube

Red Wine

2 Large Teaspoons of Red Currant Jelly

How to make MY recipe


Sliver of oil in pan and heat then add small cut onion to soften. Mix up an oxo or beef stock cube in a cup.
Add steaks to pan, as oil dries out spoon in some of the stock [tea spoon at a time] Just enough to stop sticking .
If steaks are a reasonable size, cook for a few minutes then turn and season with black pepper and salt. If you want to see how far it is cooked i.e. rare etc just pull the steak slightly apart with two forks. Remove steaks from pan and place in pre heated oven on warm plate to rest .


Depending on amount of residue add a couple of tea spoons of beef stock, one tea spoon of French mustard and one tea spoon of  Dijon Mustard and a dash of Worcester sauce.
Reduce down.  Remove from heat and add 3 tablespoons of double cream, stir in and place back on the heat to warm through.
Place steaks on warm plate to serve
Pour juice from plate into pan with sauce in it
and pour over steaks.
For extra shine stir in a knob of butter.


To change the sauce simply add:
Grain mustard for Mustard Sauce
Ground black pepper for Pepper Sauce
Dash of Whisky for Whisky sauce
Knob of blue cheese for Blue Cheese Sauce



Finely cut a red onion and fry to soften it.
Add equal quantities of beef stock and red wine.
Stir in two large tea spoons of red currant jelly.
Reduce down
Salt and pepper to taste.
Add in meat juices as before and then knob of butter
Stir and serve.

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