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In order to meet the demands of the evolving and health conscious Scottish Market, we have just launched our 'Little Bit Lighter Range'.

Our range includes two lines; pork link sausages and steak link sausages and we plan to extend the range with further products during 2019 with a view to having a full range of meat products which will appeal to healthy eaters across the country.

The pork links are 66 calories per sausage and the steak links are 59 calories per sausage and they are significantly lower in fat, salt and sugar.  The tray and labelling are fully recyclable and environmentally friendly too!

Managing Director Gordon Allan said: "It's a really exciting move for us as a business and we're delighted to officially have the products on the shelves for people to pick up and enjoy.   By showing the key nutritional information on the front of the pack there is transparency with the customers and they know exactly what they're getting - a great tasting, healthy product that they can love just as much as our other products which they have been so loyal to over the years."

Malcolm Allan Little Bit Lighter Pork Sausages and Steak Sausages can be purchased from Scottish Asda, Tesco, Morrisons, Sainsburys, Waitrose and Spar stores.




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