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We loved receiving this brilliant poem from one of our loyal customers!

Dear Mr Malcolm Allan

I'm in an awful state

I have 4 rolls and butter open on the plate

I open up the sausages and what do I see

There aren't 4 sausages there are only 3

I know that someone waiting is going to be upset

Cause I know a roll and sausage is not what they will get

Who doesn't get a sausage I have to choose which one

I can't bear their disappointment, this certainly aint fun

I will go without myself today it will save an awful racket

And when I'm in the shop I'll grab another packet

I hope you like my poem, I had to write to you

Just make me a promise that it won't reduce to two

So Mr Malcolm Allan, I will not scream and yell

I will just buy extra sausage and I wish your company well 😊

Fantastic!!! Remember there are 3 slices of lorne in our 200g Lorne Sausage Pack!!!😋




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