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Martin's Malcolm Allan Factoids

Last updated: 4.06pm, Wednesday 17th August 2016 by

Martin is our official Malcolm Allan statistician. Here are a few of his interesting factoids which we thought we would share with you.

Martin's whereabouts are always a mystery to his colleagues and sightings are about as rare as the Stig! The best we could do for this article was a photo of his empty desk!! Enjoy! We sell approximately 1,150,000 pies per year This would feed approximately 4.6million people If you piled them on top of each other they would be approximately: 2473 times the height of the Falkirk Kelpies 3091 times the height of the Falkirk Wheel 16483 times the height of a double decker bus We sell approximately 20,700,000 Lorne Sausages each year You could fill the Falkirk Stadium 2366 times over and give everyone a roll and sausage You could give 13 packs of Lorne Sausages to everybody who visited the Falkirk Wheel last year If you laid the sausages out end to end, it would be the equivalent of 38 times the distance between Falkirk and Glasgow! We sold 12,075,021 packs/items of Malcolm Allan product through the checkouts in 2015 If you started scanning these products through a checkout on the stroke of midnight as 2016 started, and it was in a 24 hour store that never closed, it would take you until 6th October 2016 until you had scanned all the products through!!!