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Gordon Allan's BBQ Tips

Last updated: 12.31pm, Monday 8th August 2016 by

Planning a BBQ? Here are some handy BBQ do's and don'ts from our Managing Director Gordon Allan!

The main problem everyone has with Barbecue cooking is they do it all at once and everything is ready at the one time. A bit of planning makes for a more enjoyable experience. BBQ Tip No 1 - If there are children about feed them first! BBQ Tip No 2 - burgers and sausages must be cooked completely through, you cannot serve them rare. Steaks can be cooked to preference ie rare, medium, without a problem. To start: Put your baking potatoes in tin foil in the oven in the house at 180C for approximately an hour before starting to cook anything on the barbecue. Wrap the potatoes individually, sprinkle with salt and add a spot of water into each tinfoil parcel. I usually have some courgettes and onions sprinkled with a bit of garlic wrapped up in tinfoil parcels - put them on the BBQ first as they take longer to cook than burgers and sausages I also wrap corn on the cob in tin foil with salt and pepper but this cooks very quickly - 15 mins max - so can wait. Put some olive oil in a bowl, add in salt, black pepper, worcester sauce, garlic salt and mix . Use this to brush onto steaks, chops etc. BBQ Tip No 3 - If you have flames you will burn whatever you put on the barbecue as you are cooking too early - be patient or you will cremate everything. BBQ Tip No 4 - Have a beer while you wait! Now for the cooking of the meat! First on - Malcolm Allan Jumbo sausage, these will take 20 minutes to cook through. Always cut one before serving to check it is cooked right through. Malcolm Allan Sizzlers next - same checking process and they take 15 minutes to cook. BBQ Tip No 5 - don't have the heat too high or the sausages will split Next our 100g Scottish Slimmers Burgers -they also take 15 minutes on a low heat. Steaks - timing depends on how people like theirs cooked. I just put them all on at the same time and then remove and put on the shelf to keep warm ie rarest first. Unless some one wants it blue - but few people do! If you want medium just use two forks and pull gently in the middle of the steak that way you can see exactly where you are during the cooking process - ask the person if that is ok for them. BBQ Tip No 6 - sit back, relax, enjoy and keep your fingers crossed it doesn't rain! Please note all cooking times are approximate and will depend on your BBQ or oven.