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Back To Basics for Burns!!

Last updated: 12.50pm, Thursday 16th January 2020 by

We have been producing Haggis for 60 years and gone back to basics with our traditional, tasty 954g Bung!!   

Everyone has different opinions on the Ultimate Haggis. So to establish this we set up a New Product Development Project to produce a new recipe for our Haggis.

We worked with Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh who organised a series of taste panels in their fully equipped sensory analysis suite.  Members of the panel were drawn from a cross section of the general public.

Flavour and spice level were the most commonly mentioned important factor when purchasing haggis. In addition some of the tasters were brand loyal as 30% of the group mentioned that they purchase a known brand.

The taste panels tried a broad selection of Haggis and after numerous sessions and taking into consideration the feedback given by the panels we adapted and fine tuned our recipe.  

The consensus of opinion of the panel was that the product we are now producing is the Ultimate Haggis!

Our 954g Bung is available in Asda Scottish stores from 16th of January for a limited period!!   Enjoy!